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Perfect Packing Plan With Robinsons: Part Three


  • Pack houseplants in tall boxes to prevent foliage.
  • Use protective plastic or bags for your armchair and sofas.
  • Wrap your best furniture in bubble wrap or furniture blankets to protect it from dust and mites and from being scratched during the move.
  • It would be easier to take your furniture apart but remember to pack all parts together and nuts and bolts stores in resealable bags, labelled so you know how to put it back together in your new home.
  • Dissemble lamps and place the bases in the boxes stuffed with packing paper and bubble wrap. Pack lampshades individually into boxes with plenty of packing paper and stuffing. Don’t use newspaper and the ink will run onto your furniture.
  • Vacuum all carpets and rugs, roll them up in a plastic cover then secure with handy wrap.
  • Tape an X over all mirrors and paintings framed with glass. Wrap with bubble wrap. Small mirrors can be packed into boxes. It is best to put large picture frames and mirrors in purpose-made picture boxes. Make sure you mark GLASS on the outside of the box to prevent it from being mishandled.
  • Make sure tv’s and stereos are well padded on both sides.
  • Pack CD’, games and DVD’s into purpose built boxes. The same goes for any records you have. Make sure that you mark the box as Fragile.
  • Wrap all small ornaments, fragile items in tissue paper or bubble wrap and put into boxes. Pack ornaments in their own separate boxes.

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