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National Travel Survey Results 2010

Thousands of people travel each year; for personal or work reasons.

The Department of Travel issued a National Travel Survey in September 2010 regarding information on personal travel in Great Britain.

The survey collated information on where, how, why and when people travel as well as factors which affect personal travel such as car availability, driving licence holding and access to key services.

Here are the following results…

  • There has been a steady falling trend in trip rates since 1995/97, while average distance travelled per person per year remained relatively stable until 2007, then has declined slightly over the last two years.
  • Overall in 2009, there were an average of 973 trips per person per year, 6,775 miles travelled, and an average trip length of 7.0 miles.
  • Most of the fall in overall trips rates between 1995/97 and 2009 can be accounted for by a fall in shopping, visiting friends at private homes and commuting. The last two years has seen a 9 per cent fall in the number of commuting trips.
  • Since 1995/97 the proportion of men with a full driving licence has remained relatively stable at around 80 per cent but it has continued to increase among women to 65 per cent in 2009. Licence holding also continued to grow among older people.
  • Trips by car (driver and passenger) accounted for 63 per cent of all trips made and 79 per cent of distance travelled in 2009.
  • On average, females make more trips than males, but males travel much further per year.
  • The average annual car mileage has decreased as the number of cars per household has risen, falling from about 9,700 in 1995/97 to 8,420 in 2009. In particular, there were large falls in business and commuting mileage.

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