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Lancashire Woman Considers Moving House Because Of Dangerous Icy Road

shutterstock_88585129A woman in Lancashire is said to be thinking about moving home because of the dangerous icy corner that she lives on.

Michelle Traill, from Blackburn, has reportedly suffered three winters of gritting nightmares as the road outside her house gets frosty and speeding cars end up hitting her car or ploughing into her garden.

The 45 year-old says that cars have crashed into her garden bushes and damaged her husband’s car several times after losing control at the T-junction.

The situation has got so bad for the woman that she has contacted the local council on multiple occasions to request a grit bin but nothing has been done, and now she is contemplating hiring removals and moving home.

Mrs Traill said the maniac drivers in the area just zoom round the corner and cannot stop. But the authority argues that the road does not qualify for a grit bin and that as a result of budget cuts, they are unable to place grit bins around the borough. To refill the 400 bins is reportedly a mammoth task and takes approximately two weeks.

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