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Dogs Stored In 30C Heat In 200 Mile Trip In Removal Lorry

The police are considering an animal cruelty charge after 12 pedigree dogs were found in a removal lorry on one of the hottest days of the year.

Two prize winning dog breeders may face prosecution after putting the pets in the lorry for a 200 mile trip in the sweltering 30C heat.

Alan and Julie Weatherley, both 50, were planning to travel from London to Doncaster to move house when they were stopped by police. Police officers found the dogs, which can fetch up to £1,000 each, stacked in cages in the scorching temperatures with little or no ventilation alongside furniture.

The couple, who are both Kennel Club accredited Airedale breeders, had all the animals removed from possession and they were forced to make the journey to Yorkshire without them. The officers had been tipped off after a compliant from a neighbour claimed that one of the caged dogs had fallen off the wagon into the road.

A policeman at the scene said the removals lorry had “little or no ventilation” but that the couple had planned to stop every half an hour to walk and water the animals.

The Kennel Club described the actions as ‘misguided’ and an RSPCA spokesman commented saying: “Any dog owner needs to ensure that their dogs are transported in comfortable and safe conditions, and this means that they must be kept cool and not be too cramped. If it can be proven that dogs were caused suffering then owners can be prosecuted.”

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