Costs – Guide Prices For Moving Overseas

Several factors can affect prices for overseas moves; eg packing requirements other than standard packing and wrapping (eg crating requirements, cardboard wrapping etc), distance from UK loading address to UK port of exit, destination port within the destination country and distance from the port of entry to the final destination.

Quoted prices are on a door-to-door basis and include all of the elements involved – including packing materials, labour costs for packing and wrapping, and physical loading of the shipping container. Freight charges are what we are charged for getting the shipping container from the UK loading address through to the destination port of arrival.

The following prices are based on 20 foot containers, which would fit the average 3 bedroom house taking virtually all contents. They also assume that we are to ship through to appropriate port at destination, clear customs and deliver to residence and unpack and unwrap. Charges cover customs clearance and delivery to final residence.

Of course we can give you an accurate quote by assessing the actual volume of goods to be moved, which we are happy to do free of charge (please either fill in our quotation form, or ask us to arrange a visit to you)


Moving from the UK to USA £4000-£5500 excluding insurance
Moving from the UK to Australia £4000-£5000 excluding insurance
(for Australia, ALL consignments are unloaded from the shipping container on arrival. It is not possible for the shipping container that is loaded in the UK to be placed at the delivery address in Australia.)
Moving from the UK to Canada £4000-£6000 excluding insurance
Moving from the UK to New Zealand £3800-£4800 excluding insurance