LGBT Freedom Around the Globe

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At Robinsons we’re extremely passionate about the world. Our home is an amazing, exciting place, full of wonderful places and different cultures. Our business is the people who live on our planet, and helping them to be where they want to be. We live in an age in which people are no longer geographically tied to where they were born; the world has never been so open and free to people, yet in some places, attitudes towards certain issues can vary immensely. Just like a nation’s language might be different, so can their beliefs.

As experts in moving people around the world, we thought we’d do a little research regarding some of the ways global attitudes differ, and our first stop is the different attitudes towards LGBT individuals around the world. Most of the world is quite progressive and accepting, yet in some places attitudes can vary immensely.

Below is an infographic that highlights some of the differences we found.