Costs – Guide Prices For UK Removals

It’s difficult to give you a guide price for your move without knowing your precise requirements, because every single move really is different – and we certainly wouldn’t want to give you a false idea of your removals costs.

Our calculations are based on the volume of goods being moved – and we know from experience that two identically sized homes can contain completely different volumes of goods! However, we realise that some customers would like a price guide, so we have put together some examples of recent moves we have carried out, together with costs to help as a guide. They cover most of the main variables – such as where from and to, how many bedrooms, whether packing was included etc. Hopefully you will be able to find an example that is comparable to your own, so you can at least get a broad idea of what costs might be involved.

Of course we can give you an accurate quote by assessing the actual volume of goods to be moved, which we are happy to do free of charge (please ask us to arrange a visit to you)

Guide prices for moves within the UK

  • Rochdale to Darlington, 3 bedroom house, with breakables packed by Robinsons, £875
  • Southampton to Oxford, 3 bedroom house, with full packing by Robinsons, £920
  • Bristol to Bristol, 2 bedroom flat, packed by the owner, £275
  • Redditch to Redditch, 4 bedroom house, packed by the owner, £550
  • Andover to Andover, 6 bedroom house, with full packing by Robinsons, £1995
  • London to storage, 3 bedroom flat, packed by the owner, £375. Weekly storage £33

More about International Removals

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